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Late night thought.

Wed, 11/25/2015 - 00:04

I was doing some writing and came across two words that got me thinking: First Aid.


Taking the Press Sec’s Advice

Tue, 11/24/2015 - 12:23

The White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, requested that this year at Thanksgiving, Americans discuss gun control.


Ladd Everitt: “I was born a poor black child.”

Tue, 11/24/2015 - 12:08

This incident is still under investigation and I would not be surprised if the outcome is as we have seen before. But Dear Mr. Everitt apparently is of a very light shade of melanin but still qualifies as Black.

Well, either that or Ladd is having a Brian Williams moment. You pick.

Finland to EU on new Gun Control Regulations: Perkele!

Tue, 11/24/2015 - 11:00

According to the automated translation via Chrome of this article,  Anneli Jäätteenmäki, member of the European Parliament for Finland told the European Commission that they “ should make a clear distinction between terrorists and criminals legitimately shooting enthusiasts.”

She went on to ask in writing how the new regulations would affect the  “prevention of illicit arms trafficking, organized crime and terrorism”, without limiting the Finnish defense.” Finland does not have a professional army like other European nations and like Switzerland, depends on its armed population for the defense of the country.” And they are good at it, ask the Russians.

Finn version of Foxtrot Yankee


The Dreaded “G” Word.

Tue, 11/24/2015 - 06:00

Perhaps I’m being cynical, but I suspect that the media is being vague because they don’t like to report what demographics and area history suggest is black-on-black crime, almost certainly committed with illegally-acquired weapons by gang members with extensive criminal records.


College Trolling for the Second Amendment?

Tue, 11/24/2015 - 05:59


The difference between Grandpa and Grandma.

Tue, 11/24/2015 - 05:58

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Grandmothers and Grandfathers?


People, the Fitz Special is NOT a fashionable or safe thing.

Mon, 11/23/2015 - 05:57

Maybe $80 for the gun and only because you can use it for parts.

Go ahead, say it: Florida Man.

Blogger is ticking me off.

Sun, 11/22/2015 - 23:05

Lately it is not allowing me to post comments on several Gunny blogs and I have no idea why. It just gives me the preview and the publish button, but you click on it and it sends you back to the same comment page and again the preview.

And for McThag.
Actually Moreno is #15 in the last list I just checked. Garcia, Gonzalez and Rodriguez make the fist three spots. Perez used to be the most common 30 years ago and now dropped to 8th.

Best use of a Mag Dump Pouch

Sun, 11/22/2015 - 06:00

Hat Tip: Nicki K.

New Look, Same Great Hate!

Sun, 11/22/2015 - 01:33

I caught this on the interwebs today:  “Let’s send our gun-packing watercooler warriors to fight ISIS.”


Open Letter to Salon

Sat, 11/21/2015 - 23:46

I came across this article posted on the Book of Face: “Let’s deport the white males.”


Gun Control folly: Re-brand and Retry the Stupid.

Sat, 11/21/2015 - 06:00

Paris-Style Assault Rifles? Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov just bounced hard inside his coffin. Somehow the idea of an AK-47 with a beret and pencil-thin mustache eating some overpriced pastry at an outside cafe pops into mind.

Senator Reid must close the loophole that allows exercise equipment attack people and make them say stupid stuff like that.

Dear CSGV: The Internet is forever.

Fri, 11/20/2015 - 17:59


CSGV discovers BBQ Guns: Bigotry and Stupidity ensues.

Fri, 11/20/2015 - 09:53

They are shocked, I tell you. And they are still beating on the degenerate drum. It won’t be long till they start tagging us with the Sexual Predator tag.


BREAKING NEWS: Quaker Fundamentalists attack hotel in Mali.

Fri, 11/20/2015 - 08:42

They were heard screaming “Onward Christian Soldiers!” as they started shooting AK-47s at unsuspected victims.

Australia Gun Control: If it Works, Ban it!

Fri, 11/20/2015 - 06:00

Reader Mark M. sent me a couple of links last week and I accidentally put them in the bottom of the pile. The story would be funny f it was not such a sad commentary on the hoplophobia Down Under:


How to properly unbox your Hi-Point.

Fri, 11/20/2015 - 05:58
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The Rodney Dangerfield of Guns: They get no respect

Hat Tip: George M.

To my European Readers

Thu, 11/19/2015 - 18:16

Several of you were offended at my last post.  You are right, it is not fair to judge all citizens of Europe based on the actions of your governments.

I do stand by my criticism of those governments and the anti-Semites that support them.

France was attacked by ISIS. France is now, quite reasonably, bombing the shit out of ISIS in Syria.  So when Palestinians go on a stabbing or bombing rampage in Israel, perhaps the French government should not be so quick to criticize the Israeli response in the West Bank and accuse Israel of genocide.