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OK, so if you made it to this page you are probably trying to answer a few questions so I will try and do my best to answer them.


First off why theCRASE. . . Well I purchased this domain name a couple years ago when trying to help someone out and since it seems they no longer feel the need to communicate with me I figured I may as well repurpose it.  Sorry, but that is the honest truth.  But it also does fit my mission which is to Collect, Read, Assess, Supplement, and Evaluate.  What do I mean by that you may now be asking. . . well I collect as much information as I can here, read what I find, make an assessment of an article, do my best to supplement that information with more information from another source and then evaluate what I have come across.  I find that it's often better to read what is written from two or more points of view to get closer to the truth.  This site has helped me do that for nearly a year and now I am sharing that ability with you.


Why all the separated feeds.  Well when I go to most of the news sites I find that everything being at the top doesn't help me to know if something is coming from a different source or not, which is my goal here.  Each source has ten listings in a block and that generally holds at least a days worth of information for a high volume site and for some of the lesser sites it can hold a few weeks worth of relevant information.  I try to keep the more informative and active ones closer to the top of the page and the ones that have fallen into a slump get moved down as do sites that tend to deal with only one state's information.  If feeds are not updated after a few months I start to look at dropping their info off the main page.  I am always watching for other sites that have a good feed of information to add as well so that there is always a good mix of information coming in.


If you haven't noticed by the site already I am PRO second amendment, I know it may be useful to see what the "Anti's" are feeding their sheeple but I honestly don't have the desire to follow it and I doubt most people who are Pro will.  That's that end of story.


Was I always pro. . . as a child, not really.  I grew up in a middle class neighbor hood near in Sioux City, IA.  I was always a geek and a lot of what I new was either learned at home, from school, or from the TV.  I was around a few rifles and shotguns but handguns were the tools of cops, criminals, and movie stars.  I wasn't much into hunting and fishing and still really don't hunt or fish but I like to shoot.  I had a 10/22 when I was 18 and the woman I was with HATED it and it was sold to keep the peace.  But even then I would have enjoyed a handgun but the waiting periods (late 90's) just made the task seem too daunting to even begin.  Fast track to 2010 I had lived a few more area's and learned a bit more about the world.  I new a firearm in the hands of a criminal was bad and that the only way to protect myself was with a firearm.  I purchased a 18.5 inch barreled 870 clone and a few days later had someone knocking on my apartment door at 3:00 am.  A friend who was crashing at my place heard someone outside the window in the room they in and my wife was very anxious.  I had my friend see who was at the door and I had prepped them on what I wanted them to do if there was danger.  I waited ready to deal with anything that was going to happen and racked the action.  There was more noise outside and the person who was at the door looked that direction as the door was opening, whoever had been outside heard what was happening and probably gave a signal to not attempt anything.  They asked to use the phone to order a pizza, were told no and the stress was over as they left.  My wife (not the anti) was now wholly pro as was I.  A few months later I was helping a friend try and keep a building secure and I learned that the 870 was a pain to carry along with a flashlight and a handgun was purchased. . . the rest as they say is history.


I now have a license to carry a firearm and do so from the time I get up in the morning till the time I go to bed.  For me to disarm and not have a weapon nearby is a rare thing, in fact the last time I disarmed was to go to the post office to ship a package if that says anything.


What is going to happen for advertisements on this site.  Well what I am thinking about doing is having two levels here.  One will be ad supported there will be a couple on the main page and some a few other places, but I will also have a paid membership available where advertisements are MUCH less.  In fact only direct site sponsors will keep their ads shown and their ads will only be shown in a couple blocks at the top and bottom of the main page.  This will all come a bit later but it should give a few options for anyone who prefers a more ad free experience, at least on this site.


Now you may be asking how to drop a couple dollars to just say thanks.  Well the two best ways are PayPal and Bitcoin, the links are below.



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As more features are added or adjusted more information will be posted in the top left block in the news feed so stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.


If you need to contact us feel free to do so here at our contact page.