Gun Control

OK, so I SUPPORT Gun Control.  Yep I said it. . . I mean who wants some sloppy shooter waiving a weapon around in the air.  If you can buy a firearm learn how to use it.  Identify the threat, check to make sure it is clear and there is no possibility of hitting an innocent person, have a firm grip, acquire your target and squeeze the trigger until the threat is eliminated.



So many politicians want us to roll over and let the police protect us.  And they claim that "gun control laws" will keep firearms out of a criminals hands but that is just simply not the case.  Criminals are already breaking the law so what is one more, really?  Lets see go to prison for five years or seven, have the power or don't have the power, which one do you think the criminals are going to pick?  Simply put a criminal wants to have the power to control a situation and having a firearm and using it against an unarmed innocent guarantees that power.  In the same light a criminal fears an armed citizen more than they fear the police, why is that you say?  Simply put, the police come to arrest you, uphold the law, and take you to jail.  A citizen faces a threat, and shoots till that threat is over.  Criminals don't have a death wish when they are thinking clearly and will do EVERYTHING possible to avoid getting killed and the ones who are out of their mind on drugs or just plain crazy will kill you and likely not even know what they did anyway.  So the ultimate question is do you want to be the victim or not?  I own firearms for just that reason, I WILL NOT BE A VICTIM.



Below is a map provided by Guns Save Lives of quite a few defensive firearm uses in the US. Check it out because simply put the big "news media" will only cover the major stories that are anti firearm.



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