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Updated: 1 month 3 weeks ago

Campo de Mayo – #THEITSLIFE 02

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 09:19

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo in style on this week’s episode of #THEITSLIFE, visiting one of our favorite lunch haunts, Campo Verde. In addition to their festive decor, Campo has what we consider the world’s most addicting cheese sauce.

Other fun stuff featured this week is a quick prank on Kelly, Bryan and Rob discussing hand injuries and an Art Hut Update that will go down in history.

#THEITSLIFE offers a behind the scenes look at everything ITS. It’s a candid view of the ITS Crew and the shenanigans that take place on a daily basis.

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Dumpster Diving for Sensitive Information

Mon, 04/17/2017 - 11:18

What can thieves learn from your trash? Probably a whole lot more than you think they can. In the following short video, we highlight a few of the ways that you and your loved ones can safeguard against this kind of attack. Stay away from dumpster apples too.

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Ridiculous Dialogue Illustrated No. 11

Tue, 12/22/2015 - 11:18

In Memory of Our Fallen: The Thin Red Line

Mon, 12/21/2015 - 16:43

Got a Case of the Mondays? Then This Morale Patch Is for You!

Mon, 12/21/2015 - 10:23

Did you know that the number one cause of productivity loss in an office setting is Mondays? Mondays have been linked to the following conditions: Droopy Eyes, Fuzzy Brain, Aggressive Yawning and incorrect TPS Report cover sheets.

If you believe that you, or someone you may know has a Case of the Mondays, act now and pick up the ITS Case of Mondays Morale Patch. While this morale patch is not guaranteed to cure a case of the Mondays, it’s sure to bring a little levity to the dreaded day.

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You’re a Mean One: The Limited Edition ITS Grump Morale Patch is Here

Fri, 12/11/2015 - 10:47

Is your heart an empty hole, or is their garlic in your soul? Then you need our ITS Grump Morale Patch, it’s guaranteed to make your small heart grow three sizes or more!

This year’s ITS Christmas patch is as cuddly as a cactus and as charming as an eel. Only 500 are available, so grab one it’s for real!

You should know that they’re embroidered and feature velcro to boot. Stick them wherever you like, they’re a hoot!

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