Let's ban assault vehicles and require background checks!


Since there are tons of petitions out there about firearms and assault weapons I figured I would see about making something that is much more dangerous in our daily lives come to the forefront.  I feel this is especially necessary to show just how silly it is to attempt to ban and limit firearms but overlook the type of carnage that is completely accepted by everyone in the US.  Since we have had two major events and have not heard a single peep from the White House about ways to prevent it this should make someone cringe.

Sign it or not I don't really care but I urge this to be passed on throughout the 2nd Amendment community, if it gets to the point of 100,000 signatures I expect that it will get nothing more than a laughable response like the one about the "Death Star" but it will likely get some notoriety and hopefully open some eyes. 

Here is the full text of the petition:

Require background checks on vehicle sales and ban the purchase of high capacity assault vehicles.

Over 30,000 people per year on average are killed by motor vehicles, add to that 240,000 people hospitalized by vehicle accident injuries each year and 3,000,000 people treated and released each year from auto accidents. This information comes DIRECTLY from the CDC and is irrefutable evidence that cars hurt and kill more people in the United States of America than firearms by far. Add to that the recent happenings in Stillwater, OK and Las Vegas, NV and we are beginning to have the forming of assault vehicles. These villainous vehicles must be banned from the use on public roads in the United States to protect the people of our republic. Universal background checks should also be implemented for all drivers before allowing the purchase of any vehicle to prevent more tragedies.



Stay safe out there everyone, the crazies are always out on the prowl... And now they have Assault Vehicles.