Repeal the NFA and the Hughes act

Well it's been a while but it loosk like things are coming around, especially for firearm rights.


Obama is OUT along with a majority in congress the president is a Republican which generally means good things for firearms.  It's time to really start contacting your reps and tell them you voted for them and what you expect to be done or next time around they will be a has-been.


I would also suggest that you sign and share the petitions on to repeal the NFA as well as the 1986 Hughes amendment.  If you are not exactly up to date the Hughes amendment should have never become law in the first place.  The amendment was voted on and only passed a voice vote and then was never officially voted on it was then filed into the FOPA and passed along to Reagan's desk and signed.  This amendment is what makes it nearly impossible for the layman to purchase anything that is fully automatic or select fire because the only thing that we can legally purchase had to be made BEFORE 1986.  That means that pretty much all full auto firearms can be considered antiques as they are all over 25 years old if you can purchase one as a private citizen in the US.  I wouldn't want one for a lot of things but it would be fun to go out to the range and switch on the full auto mode or burst fire mode and waste some money.  I also think it's a hell of a lot better to put some lead down range than to drink a case of beer or get high as an alternative of something to do because you don't know what else to do.

The NFA is another thing that needs to be fixed or repealed especially the part about suppressors.  When it was created the tax of 200.00 was basically extortion and prevented the average person from buying something that was ten bucks in a catalog.  Overnight it made something that some countries consider being polite to your neighbors illegal unless you pay more money and wait till they get around to the application.  If you sent in an application before the changes that Obama pushed through the ATF related to trusts you will probably be getting the paperwork back soon but why should it take 9 months for a piece of aluminum and steel that you can make easily to be received.  You have to have a muffler on that two ton battering ram out in the driveway or parking lot so why is it such an issue having one on your rifle or pistol?

Well anyway sign them and pass them on even if it’s not going to do a ton right away it will send a message that we have rights and should be able to exercise them freely as long as we are not hurting someone else what is the difference?