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Want to advertise on theCRASE?  Well this is the right place to get started.


Before filling out the form below you need to get a little bit of information.  First off there will be limits on the number of advertisements that are allowed on the site.  This is simply done because NO ONE wants to see more ads than news.  Second off there will be no racist or sexist ads allowed nor should the ads have content nor the website content for someone over the age of 13.  All ads will be reviewed before they are displayed unless a provision is setup for you to host your own image and if an image is found to be in violation of this policy your advertisements will be removed and you will not receive a refund for any time left available.


There are two main categories available on the site, the rotation system which rotates the ads with others that are available and static placement ads the prices are as follows:

Rotation $20.00 per month
$20.00 per 300 clicks, $0.066 per click or a maximum of two months
$20.00 per 10,000 impressions, $0.002 per impression
Static top 1/3rd $30.00 per month
Static middle 1/3rd $25.00 per month
Static lower 1/3rd $20.00 per month


There will be NO FLASH ADS, period.  Can't stand em and will not allow them to be placed here.  Allowed types are .gif, .jpg, .png and will be no larger than 334 wide by 350 tall in pixels and no more than 200KB in size for the above categories.

I am also going to have a separate rotation for the content written on this site.  This will be some reviews, opinions, pictures and maybe even some small how-to's.  the content will allow wide banners but will not be allowed to be more than 100 pixels tall and will still be limited in size and type.  The cost for the content ads will use the rotation system and will fall in line with the rotation pricing of:

Rotation $20.00 per month
$20.00 per 300 clicks, $0.066 per click or a maximum of two months
$20.00 per 10,000 impressions, $0.002 per impression


There will also be the ability to have an advertisement listed in the content rotation as well as one of the main page categories, the costs will be as follows:

Rotation, main plus content $30.00 per month
$30.00 per 400 clicks 200 per ad, $0.075 per click or a maximum of two months
$30.00 per 20,000 impressions 10,000 per ad, $0.0015 per impression
Static top 1/3rd - plus content rotation banner $40.00 per month
Static middle 1/3rd - plus content rotation banner $35.00 per month
Static lower 1/3rd - plus content rotation banner $30.00 per month


There will be up to eight ads allowed in the rotation system at a time.  If the system is full you can be added to the wait list and when one of the current advertisers ops to drop out of the system you will be contacted to get on.  At this point in time there will be a total of six ads in the static system and there are two blocks in each section of top, middle and lower 1/3rd of the main page.  You are free to move up or down as there is space available and if you choose you may feel free to have your ad moved up or down at the end of your current advertisement cycle if space is open for your ad to be moved.  There will be a few more ads than what are seen but these are going to be for the site or for a few organizations that the site directly participates with and will be placed at my discretion and will not interfere with any paying advertisers.


Some ad examples are:

334x178 png 250X250 gif 200X200 animated gif

2nd Amendment

ammo for sale

ammo for sale728 x 90 animated gif content

So since you now have some information about our program feel free to fill out the form below and we will contact you to work out any questions you may have and get things going.

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