Before banning guns maybe we should ban drunk drivers?

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Update:10/25/2015 -- The published information on the story is now at four dead one of whom was a two year old.  47 wounded of which five are critical now and a total of 17 people still remain in the hospital.  12 children and 37 adults were treated or deceased victims in the accident.  It also appears that she was under the influence of a narcotic at the time.  A few unconfirmed reports have stated that she was fired from her job for showing up to work while intoxicated and that she may have done this on purpose or was on a suicide mission.  Another unconfirmed report is that she also attempted to run from the scene but someone was able to detain her until police arrived.  A complete current listing of names and status are available here:


Update: More information is available at this link and an image of the driver is available.



Driving under the influence is illegal, that means street drugs, alcohol, or even a prescription medicine.  Vehicles are licensed, people are licensed to drive those vehicles, insurance is required to be able to drive a motor vehicle legally.  So motor vehicles in general should be very safe.  Add on top of that all the technology and forethought put into the safety of the designs.  We should live in a country where there are NO vehicular accidents at all unless something breaks or a wild animal walks onto the road at night.  But this is not the case at all.  In Stillwater Oklahoma today while at the Oklahoma State University Homecoming parade a woman who was drunk drove over a police motorcycle and through the crowd at this point KILLING 3 people one of whom was a small baby, critically injuring 8 people, at least 7 more seriously injured, and many more injured in some other way.

Police said a drunk driver plowed into the Oklahoma State Homecoming parade Saturday, killing three bystanders.

The driver, Adacia Chambers, 25, was arrested and jailed on suspicion of driving under the influence, Stillwater Police Capt. Kyle Gibbs said. Other injured people were taken to Stillwater Medical Center for treatment. Police didn’t immediately release any details about the three dead, and university officials said the homecoming game would still be played.


People are saying that people including children were thrown up to thirty feet in the air, tossed like ragdolls and the police motorcycle was said to have "Flown into the air higher than the stoplights".  This is a tragedy that should have NEVER happened because we have laws in place to prevent this type of thing right?  But the truth of the matter that no matter how many laws were broken, a law is only as good as the ability to enforce it before something actually happens.  So lets all just ban cars that have big grills and big tires or chrome bumpers, maybe a 3 month wait before you can purchase a car only after passing a federal background check and then you can only ACTUALLY drive your vehicle after the local sheriff has signed off on your application and approved of your issuance of a license to drive on a public road.  And remember that his state does not issue licenses to someone from any other state and your license from another state is not valid in his state.


This is exactly how things work for firearms in California and New York: Some firearms are banned for completely arbitrary reasons, purchases require a wait and in EVERY state a purchase from a FFL requires a background check ran by the FBI.  Yet we still have people shot all the time because the laws and checks do not apply to a criminal.  A car is just as deadly as a firearm in the wrong hands and can be a great tool in the hands of a competent person who wants to defend and protect themselves and their families.


The young woman who made a decision to drive drunk has ended at least three different peoples lives and ruined many others.  Her life is destroyed, at the least she will be in prison for the rest of her life and I

would not be surprised if by the time things are over if she does not receive the death penalty.  But I bet Mr. Obama will not be on the news vowing to require universal background checks for vehicle purchases.  He will come out and say he is saddened by a this national tragedy if we are lucky.  No invites for the survivors to visit the Whitehouse and stand on the steps while he talks about vehicle control.  And the Democrats will not be standing on the steps of capital hill vowing to end car violence.

The truth of the matter is that more people are killed by cars every day than firearms in the United States, yet firearms are vilified rather than vilifying those who are at fault for the crime. 


My heart truly goes out to those people who have been affected by this tragedy, this is something that was 100% preventable and laws are in place to prevent this from happening but they can not prevent people from making poor decisions and ruining lives.

Oklahoma State University is saddened by the tragic parade incident earlier this morning. Our thoughts & prayers are with those affected.

— Oklahoma State Univ. (@okstate) October 24, 2015


Stay safe out there America. The crazies are always out on the prowl.

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